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Vivint Home Security: Complete Review In 2022

Vivint Home Security: Complete Review In 2022

Securing your home is a significant concern for homeowners, but finding the right home security system can be difficult. If you are searching for the best home security system, look at Vivint. This company has been serving customers for 20 years and leading the market. Today we will review Vivint’s pricing, packages, and delicate print facts to help you decide if it can fulfill your needs. Protect your home and family, stay safe and read the complete article vivint customer service.


  • Options for low-cost monitoring plans vivint security
  • Professional installation compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Google Nest Thermostats, Philips Hue Smart Lighting, Control4 Systems, and Kwikset Smart Locks.


  • When compared to competitors, system equipment can be pricey vivint arena.
  • There is a $149 cost to have your system reinstalled when you move.

Vivint Home security In a Nutshell


Vivint, a prominent smart home startup in North America, combines home security and smart home integration into one simple platform.

Vivint has installed over 20 million devices in homes and has served 1.7 million clients in the United States and Canada in its 20-year history.

Customer evaluations praise the company’s professional installation, but they often criticize its cancellation procedure. On TrustPilot, Vivint has a 4.0 (out of five) rating and a 4.7 (out of five) Consumer Affairs Rating vivint solar.

Unlike some competitors and local suppliers, Vivint manufactures the majority of its home security and smart home devices, which means equipment fees can quickly add up. Customers can either pay for the equipment upfront without signing a contract or use Vivint’s Flex Pay financing option vivint smart home.

Despite greater equipment costs, Vivint manages to keep its monthly monitoring expenses in line with the industry standard by offering monitoring options starting at $19.99 per month.

Vivint systems work with various smart home platforms, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so it’s a good choice if you want best-in-class protection, advanced smart home automation, and professional installation and monitoring vivint login.

Plans and Costs

Three things will impact how much you spend for Vivint:

  • Monthly Monitoring Plan
  • Equipment
  • Installation


Customers can use Vivint Flex Pay to finance the cost of equipment on top of their monthly monitoring fees, or they can pay for equipment upfront without a commitment. Vivint’s contract length ranges from 42 to 60 months if you choose the contract option.

The size of your home determines the cost of the equipment; however, If you choose the no-contract option, the upfront equipment cost to furnish your home with the essentials can surpass $1,000 vivint smart home arena.

Here’s a rundown of what’s included in Vivint’s equipment packages vivint home security:

Vivint Equipment Package Description Upfront Cost Price Per Month
Sky Control Starter Kit Includes Vivint Smart Hub touchscreen control panel, two smart entry sensors, one motion sensor, Two Google Home Minis, Vivint’s SkyControl panel, and app. $599 $9.98
Home Security System Bundle Includes everything in the starter kit, plus a Vivint smart smoke detector that integrates with the Vivint Smart Home system. $709.98 $9.98
Smart Home Control Bundle Includes everything in the Home Security System and Sky Control bundles, plus smart home devices like Vivint’s Element Thermostat, a smart door lock, and a smart garage controller. $1,049.95 $9.98
Video Security Bundle Includes everything in the starter kit, plus the Vivint video doorbell, an outdoor camera, and one Ping camera. $1,379.95 $23
Smart Complete Bundle Comes with all of the home automation devices and video cameras listed in the above plans. $1,789.92 $29.83


* Keep in mind that this is in addition to the cost of your monthly monitoring package vivint reviews.

A more advanced Vivint bundle package may be a terrific deal, depending on what a property requires. It’s critical to first comprehend your requirements. If you don’t need complex smart home technology like the smart garage controller, you could be better off customizing your system by getting the Vivint beginning kit and adding equipment.


Vivint Home Security

Vivint provides skilled installation, which is beneficial given its top-of-the-line equipment. Vivint is presently offering installation for $99. However, installation charges have previously ranged from $99 to $199 vivint customer service number.

Plans for Monitoring

Finally, you’ll require a monitoring strategy. Vivint has three monitoring plans to choose from expert monitoring, mobile app control, live service, and tech support.

The Vivint Smart Security Plan has a monthly cost of $20. Your monitoring plan will cost roughly $40 per month if you want smart home integration, and the Smart Home Video Plan will cost around $45 per month if you want video capabilities.

If you opt to finance your equipment, all of Vivint’s monitoring plans require a four to five-year contract; however, you can bypass this long-term contract by purchasing your equipment ahead vivint security system.

The following is a comparison of what each of Vivint’s monthly monitoring plans includes:

The Small Print

If you finance your equipment, Vivint demands a contract, which can last anywhere from four to five years and has a tight cancellation policy. And if you’re not satisfied with your Vivint system, you’ll be responsible for paying the entire balance on both your equipment and monitoring vivint camera.

If you decide to finance your equipment, you will be subjected to a credit check. When it comes to financing purchases, this is the usual procedure.

If you’re not sure you’ll be staying in your current home for the long haul, Vivint’s relocation service will cost you money. Vivint will charge $149 for removal and another $149 for reinstallation if you move. This is less expensive than replacing the entire system, but it is something to consider when selecting your home security system.

Add-Ons for Vivint

The following items are included in every Vivint Starter kit vivint app:

  • Vivint Smart Hub: connects directly to the monitoring center and organizes everything in the system.
  • And Vivint Door Sensors send an alert when a door or window is opened.
  • Vivint Motion Sensor: detects movement within your house.

Customization is a significant advantage of Vivint. Finding a solution that best meets your needs is simple, thanks to many add-on features and equipment vivint solar login.

Here are some Vivint add-ons to consider:

Vivint Security Cameras: You can monitor everything inside and outside your home 24 hours a day with the doorbell and indoor and outdoor cameras.

Vivint Sensors: In addition to your standard door and window sensors, you can purchase extra Vivint sensors to detect dangers such as smoke, flooding, broken glass, and carbon monoxide.

Accessories for Vivint: Vivint offers additional accessories such as Smart Lighting, Smart Locks, Smart Garage Door Controller, Key Fobs, and Smart Thermostats if you want to safeguard not only your house but also have a completely integrated smart home experience vivint phone number.

Vivint Car Guard: Vivint Car Guard allows you to monitor essential information about your vehicle from your smartphone, including location (so you always know where your car is parked), battery life, and check engine notifications. In the event of a break-in to your vehicle, Car Guard can also activate lights and cameras in your home vivint houston open.

Hundreds of third-party products, including Philips Hue smart lights, Kwikset smart locks, and Google Nest thermostats, are also compatible with Vivint systems vivint security reviews.

Storage of video

Suppose you want to install numerous Vivint cameras in your house. In that case, you should consider purchasing Vivint’s Smart Drive, which allows you to keep security footage for longer and have access to continuous recording. Thanks to the extra storage, vivint security cameras you’ll be able to record all the time, not just when a motion event is triggered.

Smart Home Integration and Smartphone Controls

Vivint provides the best in professional home security monitoring and integrated smart home systems, from security cameras to smart thermostats. While Vivint’s advanced capabilities are fascinating, they might intimidate first-time buyers and users. However, Vivint’s SkyControl panel makes arming your systems, controlling cameras, viewing live video, adjusting thermostat controls, and more simple car guard vivint.

It is compatible with a variety of third-party smart home devices in addition to their own:

Vivint works with the two most prominent voice assistants: Alexa and Google Assistant. Google Home and Amazon Echo:

Echo by Amazon: You’ll be able to operate your connected gadgets with the sound of your voice if you pair your system with an Amazon Echo device. You may be able to use your voice to turn on and off lights, set the temperature of your thermostat, and lock your front door, depending on your system vivint doorbell.

Google Assistant: The Vivint Smart Home is similar to the Amazon Echo. Google Home is well-integrated, allowing you to perform things like lock doors and turn on lights with your voice. Vivint footage will also be viewable on smart monitors like the Nest Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vivint Overpriced?

If you merely need a home security system, Vivint is more expensive than some competitors. Vivint charges more for smart home automation, skilled installation, and proprietary equipment vivint thermostat.

Is there a monthly fee for Vivint?

Vivint charges a monthly monitoring cost and provides three plan options, with the Smart Security Service plan starting at $29.99 a month.

What happens if you decide to cancel Vivint?

For those purchasing equipment upfront, Vivint offers a no-contract option. If you finance your equipment and sign a Vivint contract, you’ll be responsible for the remaining payment if you cancel before the end of your contract vivint doorbell camera vivint alarm.

Conclusion: Is Vivint Home Security the Right Fit for You?

Vivint is the greatest choice for individuals who want the best of both worlds: smart home technologies and security services. There are more cost-effective home security systems available if smart home integrations are not vital to you. Vivint is a wonderful alternative for anyone searching for expert monitoring, remote control, direct notifications, and smart home security systems and connections vivint arena seating map.



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