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20 Best Home Design software for House Interior Design

20 Best Home Design software for House Interior Design

Home Design Apps enable you to experiment with and imagine potential enhancements to your existing surroundings. There are home apps for decorating, calculating, creating mood boards, and simply having fun, and these are some of the most user-friendly we’ve discovered.

Home design apps are standard ‘applications’ on an Android or IOS device that allow you to forecast how your home will perform improvements, interiors, or simply a new coat of paint. Most applications are detailed, encouraging you to import and transfer your furniture, take images of each room, and anticipate the following home design project.

Others may provide detailed floor plans and 3D modeling from their collection for interior perspectives, among other things. If it’s a doorway to creativity or imagination, applications are only as good as the user. Thus it’s frequently helpful to first and foremost ask yourself a few questions:

  • Interior design or architectural style?
  • Inspiration or renovation?
  • Is it a planned house or a plain 2D floor plan?
  • Which is the greatest home design app for Android and iOS smartphones?

Here is a list of the top 20 home design apps used by designers in 2022:

Which is the Best PC home design app?

It might be fun and thrilling to build a house from scratch, but it can also be frightening. However, with today’s technology, it’s a homeowner’s dream come true not only in their toolbox, so they have to work with any home improvement project; the software.

Apps will, in any case, give architecture, budgeting, construction computation, DIY instruction, redesign suggestions, and much more. They also enable you to save time, cut expenses, and work more effectively.

Here’s a rundown of the top apps for launching your next interior design project and making your smartphone the best tool in your arsenal.

Get an enthusiastic plan, and create now!

20 Best Home Design software

Here is a list of the top ten home design apps for professionals in 2022:

1. Revit

Revit is a best software tool for architectural architecture and documentation used to design and model structures by structural engineers and architects. Previously, several nations discovered that BIM was better than CAD since the model was exact and generated quickly.

It is ideal for interior design app patterns and concepts. This is for you if you are an interior design practitioner who needs familiarity with CAM and CAD design materials.

It’s somewhat pricey, but it’s worth it. Its monthly subscription starts at $200 and allows you to make high-quality 3D photos. You may join your friends and register for $325 each month.

Because the architecture application integrates BIM and design concepts, it is ideal for team collaboration. They are complicated. It is free for 30 days, after which you must pay for your membership.

2. AutoCAD

best home design apps AutoCAD is computer-aided design software that may be used in 2-D, 3-D, and draught modes (CAD). AutoCAD was designed and marketed by Autodesk Inc. and was one of the earliest computer-based CAD systems.

  • AutoCAD has a monthly membership fees of $210 and a yearly fee of $1690.
  • CAD programming in 2D and 3D.
  • Autodesk games for iOS and Android.

3. Havenly

Havenly is one of the best home design apps for Android and iOS. Speak with a Havenly designer to obtain design advice and a shopping list and to select the décor.

A consultation package and upgrading to custom design systems will set you back $79. Any service has pros and cons, but Havenly is certainly worth a try if you want a low-cost option to build your house.

  • Available via the App Store
  • IOS rating: 4.5
  • Fee: Free, with an upgrade cost of $79

4. Houzz

Houzz is an outstanding reference service that provides inspiring ideas. Rather than a creative product, the app is a mood board and referral service. All great goals begin with creativity. Therefore, you can’t get enough of it when ready to make it.

Houzz is your mobile interior design tool, with a large library of design designs, new projects, and product reviews. The software is free, easy to use, and well-designed for building and analyzing diverse settings.

Furthermore, Houzz allows you to meet with professionals in your sector, such as designers, architects, and distributors, to complete your project.

  • App Store, Google Play Store
  • IOS rating: 4.8, Android rating: 4.7
  • The cost is nothing.
  • Houzz is a house design app.

5. MagicPlan

MagicPlan is an best iOS and Android home design app that creates floor plans from photographs users scan. “no measuring or sketching” makes space architecture a breeze.

It is the ideal application for the most recent floor layouts. You can assume that it isn’t as extensive as sophisticated applications in its designs, but it helps build a quick interior design for a newbie space builder.

Users may build planes with dimensions using their smartphone camera and GPS without computation or sketching. The application estimates the space using joint photos, making a 3D floor design, and measuring the materials automatically.

Floor boards may be replaced, and other practical components such as plumbing, electrical appliances, and so on can be added. You always have to compute everything, so it’s only a rough guide.

  • App Store, Google Play Store
  • IOS has a rating of 4.7, while Android has a rating of 4.1.
  • The cost is nothing.
  • Purchases made in-app

6. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is the industry’s largest free room architecture application. Simple areas with walls, stairwells, and doors are broken down into simpler and more complex design concepts and architectural criteria.

Do not confine yourself; this room software also allows you to design settings and pools, both of which offer stunning 3D images. You will also receive inspiration from your galleries. Investigate new and popular concepts from other interactive designers.

Best home design apps Planer 5D is simple to use, provides a 2D and 3D view of templates, and allows for the customization of textures, fabrics, and post-editing. Features a +4000 item library and may be used to upload and customize projects inside a network. You must pay if you want the entire collection opened.

  • App Store, Google Play Store
  • IOS has a rating of 4.3, whereas Android has a rating of 3.5.
  • For IOS, monthly membership costs $9.99, or a yearly subscription costs $59.99. (prices vary by region)
  • Planner5d – house design app

7. Room Scan Pro

RoomScan monitors wall heights, angles, lengths, and backdrops using the built-in iPhone software. Tap your phone against each nearby wall, and the app, almost magically, builds a floor plan once you’re across the building. With “touching walls,” RoomScan Pro generates rapid floor layouts, 3D plans with planning procedures, and manual sketching.

It also has additional features such as augmented reality scans and ExteriorScan and PlotScan, which can scan outside dwellings, yards, and gardens. This home design apps is only available for iPhones and iPad.

  • IOS – Free home design and interior design trial.
  • You must pay once the trial period has been over.
  • Available via the App Store
  • IOS rating: 4.3
  • The cost is nothing.
  • Purchases made in-app
  • $8.49 for Full Unlock 

8. Homestyler

Among all the interior design apps and games, Homestyler appears to be one of the few free home design apps that may help you realize your goal of being an interior designer.

Build your do-it-yourself idea projects (DIY). Save these and share them with friends, home, and housekeepers. Autodesk, the company that created AutoCAD, is well-known for its home design software. The software has also been created.

This user-friendly program, like most technical programs offered by the organization, does not need extensive training. You may build your floor plans and templates in real life using simple drag-and-drop capability.

Homestyler’s 3D floor designer and 3D space builder software are suitable for unskilled virtual room layout remodels. The furnishing and decorating tool assist you in selecting cabinets, appliances, furniture, and nearly every item of decor you can think of.

Then, after configuring your room, finish items from various providers with area tapestries. When you’re through with the design, print it out.

  • App Store, Google Play Store
  • 4.5 stars on iOS and 3.6 stars on Android
  • The cost is nothing.
  • Homestyler is a home design app.

9. Ikea Room Planner

Our favorite local furniture store has a concept app with your interior design. IKEA Home Planner is a web-based program that assists you in the user-friendly setup of your plan.

It should be see that it is not ideal for expert interior designers due to its lack of features. That being said, it would be a lot of fun to utilize amateurs and regular homeowners or home renovation professionals.

Select what you want from your collection, room size, walls, and flooring. If you enjoy the home decor design you created, you should make a wishlist for your new room. A futuristic virtual kitchen calendar, a bath planner, a master bedroom planner,and storage space plans are all available as space resources.

The IKEA software is simple to use, pleasant to use, and free, and it may substantially assist you in determining your room remodelling budget.

  • App Store, Google Play Store
  • IOS has a rating of 4.4, while Android has a rating of 4.6.
  • The cost is nothing.

10. Rooomy

This is your house if you want to alleviate guilt on all levels. They’re expensive, tough to repair, and, most importantly, you’ll be squandering the rest of your time. So the people at LOFT created an app to help you get it perfect – welcome Rooomy, the virtual real estate staging tool.

Thanks to the VR revolution rocking the digital industry, Rooomy is bringing home architecture into the twenty-first century in augmented reality in a huge manner.

With the updated iPhone app (formerly only available on the iPad), you can now convert 2D photographs or scans into 3D equivalents, giving you a better idea of what it would be like to decorate or inhabit a room. This home design app is solely free for Apple users.

  • Only the iPhone and iPad.
  • Available via the App Store
  • IOS rating: 2.7
  • The cost is nothing.

11. Chairish

Chairish is an app for buying and selling new and used furniture. Almost every product with a market. You may, for example, sell high-value antiques or pre-owned objects that you designed and manufactured.

If you anticipate selling fewer than ten things each month, the Chairish list is free, and this selling app deducts 30% of your selling costs. You must commit to a loyalty membership if you want to list more than 10 goods each month.

Customers with pay memberships receive additional benefits such as faster charging and sponsored postings. Chairish suggests that, unlike some applications that allow you to make money, you include shipping costs in the evaluated worth. You might want to list large things as a pick-up only.

Chairish allows returns 48 hours after a consumer collects your item. You can recover the funds via Paypal if the customer does not return the items. There are two features of membership: free and paid. This home design app is accessible solely for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV).

  • Available via the App Store
  • IOS rating: 4.9
  • The cost is nothing.
  • Chairish – app for purchasing house decor goods

12. Decaso

DECASO provides a polished choice of exceptional items from the world’s most renowned wholesalers. Customers are advised to contact our specialised dealers as soon as possible for queries and purchases.

Over 25,000 goods were chosen. Shop new things released regularly—Review your personal stuff using “View in your room” and share images for feedback from customers, friends, and family. Filter your search by paint, kind, style, and design.

Connect to distributors and buy responses automatically – See gorgeous, vibrant images and product details, such as the ones you prefer by heart. You may also view the app’s history. This home design app is just available for iPhone and iPad.

  • Available via the App Store
  • The cost is nothing.
  • Best Mac and Windows Home Design Apps:

13. Floorplanner

A floorplanner is the best approach to making floor layouts. You can quickly create 2D blueprints and 3D (interior) photographs using our free online editor. A regular account is completely free. To take the design to a higher big design level or to use any of the more advanced functions that the floor planner provides, you must upgrade to the paying version.

Floorplanner offers quick software for creating stunning floor designs. Floorplanner provides the best information for you, whether moving into a new home, planning a wedding, or redesigning your living room.

Floorplanner allows you to replicate your house, garden, or business quickly, and you may customize your designs using our extensive item library.

Available for Android and Apple Both the free and premium versions are users.

  • App Store, Google Play Store
  • IOS rating: 2.2, Android rating: 2.5
  • The cost is nothing.
  • Floorplanner

14. Houzz Pro

Houzz Pro is an all-in-one tool for high-quality architecture. It enables you to check and display the evolution of your design configurations. You will have the choice of accepting payments online.

On the other month, Houzz is working on a $59 to $99 monthly payment plan. It is simple to understand but expensive because all of the necessary functionality is provided. Houzz might be expensive for newcomers but efficient for an inside architecture firm.

The jobs that restrict people from being hobbyists are suitable. Account and folder listing creation are simple, but you must pay for further features.

Houzz introduced Houzz Pro, a suite of digital tools for design and refurbishment professionals to handle their design and development businesses. In Houzz Pro, the pro calendar includes a planning tool that allows you to organize customer meetings and possible purchasers.

  • IOS and Android have both free and paid versions.
  • App Store, Google Play Store
  • IOS has a rating of 4.7, while Android has a rating of 4.3.
  • The cost is nothing.
  • Purchases made in-app

15. SmartDraw

Mission maps, timetables, PR charts, and flowcharts are all included. Smartdraw is a collection of digital graphics and presentation suites. The flow chart application has the capability of designing floor layouts and independent space plans.

SmartDraw may design workplace spaces, flats, single rooms, and even residential altitudes or elevations. SmartDraw is a good match for people and businesses who do not want to utilize architecture tools. This tech room idea offers a free trial time, after which you may purchase the entire package if you are satisfied.

SmartDraw offers an almost limitless selection of mobilizers, vehicles, construction equipment, and preconfigured designs.

  • Cost: Free to try.
  • $9.95 per month or $297 for a single licence

16. Ivy Autocad software

Ivy has changed the way interior designers work. Interior designers may be able to devote more time to design by using technology to automate the motions of an interior design team.

Ivy is a business tool for logistical task creators. Manage your endeavours, records, fees, and customers in one place. Ivy’s mobile app allows you to handle a variety of chores no matter where you are. Materials are sourced, tasks are completed, time and costs are tracked, and rooms are calculated in real-time.

17. HomebyMe

HomeByMe is an Internet-based room design program. Begin in 2D and construct your rooms, furnishings, and decorations from the ground up. If possible, convert it to 3D so you can see the walls and the interior design you created.

HomeByMe is a free app that helps you design your rooms in 2D, from the ground up, with the most up-to-date furniture and decorations. You may update the software on your PC or tablet without creating an account. However, you must create an account if you wish to store or share your data. As you begin to include furniture, your 2D drawing transforms into 3D.

  • App Store, Google Play Store
  • IOS has a rating of 4.4, whereas Android has a rating of 4.2.
  • Cost: Free; the complete version costs $14.99.

18. 3DS Max

3ds Max is a 3D modelling, animation, and immersive photography computer tool. It is one of the most good used computer graphics applications for 3D rendering and is well-known for its powerful 3D artist toolset.

Autodesk’s favourite developer, TV studio, and architect is 3ds Max, responsible for tools like Maya and AutoCAD. 3ds Max is a popular programme among game developers.

3ds Max is very commonly used to model and animate attributes and shoot architecture and other photographs. In 3D modelling, Max is unsurpassed in terms of acceleration, speed, and variety.

3ds Max is one of the best world’s most generaly used 3D pipelines and is a critical component in many commercial studios, contributing significantly to their gaming and movie output pipelines.

19. Homestyle artist

This app has the same ability as an artwork that expresses your emotions. In two senses, it is a 3D indoor architecture gadget. Its free version is limitless, creative, and allows you to play indefinitely.

It’s ideal for a homestyle artist. Its edition is suitable for interior design engineers, architects, and builders. However, if you want to use the premium features, you must pay monthly.

A subscription for newcomers costs $10 per month since design supplies are decreased, but for advanced sketching, the cost rises to $1199 yearly. It is a popular design application, but it is expensive.

  • Download for iOS, macOS, and Windows
  • App Store, Google Play Store
  • IOS has a rating of 4.3, whereas Android has a rating of 2.6.
  • The annual cost is $1199.
  • Purchases made in-app
  • SketchUp Go is $119.99.

20. Foyr Neo

Build floor plans flawlessly. Begin by sketching the space walls in 2D, or just upload a floor plan and follow the contour. Then, quickly switch to 3D to add more detail and make the room more convincing. The best tools for turning your ideas into photos in minutes, from 2D designs to 3D prototypes.

A Foyr Neo subscription with access to a collection of over 50,000 pre-3D models. Drop the customizable objects into your project or add them to the checklist. You may also create your 3D models for unlimited modelling. Make beautiful interior designs fast and effectively.

Foyr Neo also includes a wide variety of pre-fabricated furniture designs, bathrooms, workspaces, and much more, all of which are globally assembled. This AI model has never been seen before.

Also, obtain high-quality no-time renderers. Google Chrome works exclusively on desktops and laptops running Mac or Windows. The best aspect about this cutting-edge software is that it comes with a 14-day trial period.

Why is Foyr Neo the Best Mac and Windows Home Design Software?

The software is simple, and everyone participating in the design will utilize it from a distance. The creation technology is rather sophisticated, enabling 3D pictures, 3D vision, room architecture, painting, space planning, material choice and shades for building construction and so on.

This modelling app is a huge help for designers, homeowners, and property buyers who wish to modify their houses. With various strong design materials at their disposal, a team of experienced designers can make the most stunning interior design.

It is the best interior design app on the market, distinguished by its simplified learning curve. It helps you to learn about the features for 14 days because it offers a 14-day free trial, and the subscription is only $49 per month.

As a result, it saves peny in the long run for novices because no CAD or CAM experience is required. With its cloud storage platform, low-cost accessibility, and built-in 3D models, you get great value for money.

Ivy has changed the way interior designers work. Interior designers may devote many time to design by using technologies to automate the motions of an interior design team.

Our objective is to skip the industry’s stress and difficulty. Ivy is a business tool for logistical task creators. Manage your endeavours, records, fees, and customers in one place. Ivy’s mobile app allows you to handle a variety of chores no matter where you are. Materials are sourced, tasks are completed, time and costs are tracked, and rooms are calculated in real-time. 



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