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5 Best Dumpster Rental Companies May 2022

5 Best Dumpster Rental Companies May 2022

Renting a dumpster is secure, and easy to dump enormous waste in one convenient location. It allows you to save time spent on home projects and money. Dumpster Rental Companies also provide more eco-conscious choices than you can ever imagine. Homeowners can get advantages from having a single spot to rubbish trash from a big DIY home project, construction or demolition, renovation or reordering, or removing a garage. Other advantages include:

  • Sweeping up after a storm or natural disaster
  • Moving
  • Accomplishing major yard work or throwing out unwanted household items en masse.

Best Dumpster Rental Companies

Dumpster Rental Companies provide you with all the guidance regarding the rental process. They can help you select the right sized gear for your project and get a permit from your municipality. It can also drop off and haul away your dumpster at pre-scheduled periods. The best thing is they can dispose of waste in an efficient and environmentally-friendly that you cant do yourself dumpster rental companies near me.

1. Waste Management

waste management

Waste Management tops our list of best dumpster rental businesses for its ease of access and customer satisfaction, with over 4,000 franchise locations in 47 states and over 50 decades of experience. They rent dumpsters in sizes ranging from three to forty yards, with short-term and long-term (greater than 30-day) rentals available.

Pricing options, ease of scheduling and account administration, and information about types of waste accepted are all available on the company’s website, which is typical and covers most demands. This organization is at the top of our list because of its great client satisfaction.


  • More than 4,000 locations across 47 states (except AK, HI, and MT)
  • For any project, there are numerous dumpster size alternatives (three to 40 yards)
  • Long-term rentals (30 days or more) are available.


  • There is no free estimate available (pricing is on their website)

2. Dumpsters.com


Dumpsters.com makes the renting process as simple as possible by providing several typical options. Free quotations and straightforward pricing are available online, with dumpster sizes ranging from 10 to 40 yards and rental periods ranging from one week to ten days.

Each rental includes fees for delivery, pickup, taxes, the duration of the rental, and a weight limit. This organization, founded in 2016, has over 960 franchise sites in 45 states.


  • The website offers a free estimate and cost.
  • Standard rental services include delivery, pickup, taxes, rental time, and weight restriction coverage.
  • Most common garbage is accepted (depending on location)


  • Rental periods begin at seven days.
  • The smallest dumpster size is ten yards (smallest)

3. Junk King

Junk King

Junk King provides the simplicity of paying only for the space you utilize and incorporating delivery and collection in your rental fee. They also have a three-day rental option for people who need to finish work and get rid of rubbish swiftly.

The smallest Junk King dumpster is 12 yards, and it can accommodate a wide range of waste types.


  • The policy of only paying for the space you use
  • 3-day rentals are available.
  • The website offers a free estimate and cost.


  • BBB Rating: B- Availability is limited: 149 franchise sites serve 36 states.

4. Redbox+


Redbox+ offers clients the option of customizable rental periods, with 78 locations covering half of the United States. They will also provide you a free estimate, while pricing is not available on their website. Rentals include delivery and collection as well as flexible scheduling.

Tires, dyes, motor oils, asbestos, batteries, or fuels are not accepted by this company; however, most of these items are hazardous to the environment if not correctly disposed of and should never be thrown into a dumpster without explicit permission from the rental company and an item warning label (if available).


  • Rental periods that can be customized
  • Rental includes delivery and collection, as well as flexible scheduling.
  • Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes (between 10 to 40 yards)


  • Tires, paints, motor oils, asbestos, batteries, and gasoline are not accepted.
  • Therefore, pricing is not posted on the website and is less readily available: There are 78 franchise locations. 25 states

5. Bin There Dump That

Bin There Dump That

Bin There Dump That, our pick for the most OK pun in its name, provides clients of 124 franchise sites with 21 years of industry experience. This company, out of our top five, includes the most features in a rental: protective boards under the dumpster, so it doesn’t damage your driveway, sweeping up after each job, next-day or same-day service, delivery, and pickup (also available on Saturdays), Dumpster Consultants who can explain all you want to know about renting a dumpster, and more Best Dumpster Rental Companies.

They also have a range of dumpster sizes available, starting at four yards and twenty yards.


  • The most comprehensive services are included in the rental package, including driveway protection and job site cleanup.
  • Service the next day or the same day
  • Dumpsters range in size from four to twenty yards.


  • There are no prices listed on the website, but you can contact the company for a free quote.

How to Choose the Best Dumpster Rental Company for You

Each provider will have various deals, deadlines, and equipment, so search around to find the greatest fit before signing a contract. Here are the top five points to think about before renting a dumpster.

Availability and Size

First and foremost, you must select the appropriate dumpster size for your project, and the firm you select should have the necessary equipment to assist you every step of the way. Your dumpster rental business should have the experience to help you select the appropriate size. Hence, you get the most value for your money—not too little space, not too much leftover—and the equipment to install and remove your dumpster rental when the time comes.

They should also have the equipment necessary to dispose of the waste ethically you’ll generate, so confirm this when making your reservation.

Transparency and Pricing

A quality dumpster rental firm should be willing to reveal the aspects that influence costs, such as rental length, waist size, dumpster size, total weight, and more. Are there any hidden fees if your dumpster is in great demand, you retain it for a long time, or go over the weight limit? Is the disposal price included or separate?

Compare estimates from different firms to find the best deal, then establish your fees and payment schedule before signing a contract.

Customer Support

Dumpster rental providers understand how difficult it may be to choose the correct rental. Customers may expect dumpster rental providers to provide professional advice on selecting a dumpster based on the sort of job and materials they will be disposing of and an uncomplicated, no-obligation pricing process. They should know to assist you in making selections that will save you money in the long run and give consistent pricing from quote to contract.

Check local company evaluations to discover how their customer service translates into a favorable overall experience, such as on-time drop-off and pickup, no extra fees, pleasant encounters with the crew, and assistance when needed.

Professional Experience

You’ll want a firm that knows what they’re doing, not only because they’ve done jobs similar to yours previously but also because they’ve done jobs in your area. We recommend hiring a skilled and experienced staff that has spent enough time in your area to be familiar with the local laws and requirements for disposing of specific goods, such as recyclables. If they’ve done it previously, they can also assist you with the process of acquiring permission from your municipality.

The finest organizations will also use subcontractors rarely and have a full-time team on hand, so you are aware of whom you’re working with and can trust that they’re effective and efficient when they collaborate.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Disposal

A dumpster company should be open and honest about how and where your trash will be disposed of and show you proof of ethical disposal. Customer service should also offer you disposal options based on the type of waste you’ll generate, minimizing environmental effects whenever possible.

Dumpster Rental Benefits

Using a dumpster to dispose of huge amounts of waste can provide numerous benefits, not the least of which is the ability to make your project run more smoothly. The bottom line is that having a single garbage collection point makes it easier, safer, and more ecologically conscientious about disposing of rubbish.

You have a lot of trash (or expect a lot of trash)

If the project you’re working on generates more waste than your garbage can handle, a dumpster provides a single location where you can dump everything.

Whether you’re a client or a contractor, a dumpster allows you to streamline your garbage management rather than having to sort it all out.


Keeping debris out of your home or workplace reduces the danger of injury to you, your family, or your employees. Rather than mounds of sharp objects, nails, splinters, and other hazardous debris spreading over your home, throwing it all into a dumpster eliminate the risk of hurting someone later.

A single dumpster, a single disposal

There’s no need to separate your rubbish; simply put it all into the dumpster. You will save time during and after your project by having a single location for all your garbage, allowing you to be more productive and efficient.


Trash will be collected from your property in a single haul, which will be coordinated with your rental company ahead of time. Renting a dumpster can save you money compared to creating piles upon heaps of junk and then hiring a firm to remove it, resulting in more work and a greater cost—not to mention piles of trash lingering on your property.

Environmentally conscious

Environmentally responsible. Fewer carbon emissions from a single garbage trip. The company follows local laws and regulations when it comes to waste disposal.


Our Home Improvement editorial team reviewed third-party data on 12 major firms to determine the top dumpster rental company, with each product’s star rating established by considering a variety of metrics, including:

  • Customer Feedback (20 percent)
  • Serviced States (15 percent)
  • The total number of franchise locations (15 percent)
  • Accepted Waste Types (15 percent)
  • What Does a Rental Include? (15 percent)
  • Dumpster Sizes in Yards (Big and Small) (10 percent)
  • Various rental periods are available (5 percent)
  • BBB Rating (5 percent)

Frequently Asked Questions Best Dumpster Rental Companies (FAQs)

How long may a roll-off be kept?

Reputable trash companies will let you retain the roll-off container for a set period, usually five to fourteen days. A week to ten days is the average rental period.

To give you the time to fill it, most organizations offer short-term rentals (72 hours). Or long-term rentals for an ongoing project (14 days or more). Your location, the dumpster bin company’s regular rental periods, the availability of the equipment you need, and overall seasonal demand may impact how long you can keep your roll-off and whether you can reduce or prolong your rental.

Is a permit required to rent a dumpster?

Depending on where you want to keep the dumpster for the period of your rental, you might be able to. You probably won’t require a permit if your dumpster is situated on your private property, including your driveway. Putting a dumpster on the street or in a public location, on the other hand, will almost certainly require a permit Best Dumpster Rental Companies.

You can probably locate a dumpster permit request form on your city’s website, and if you believe you’ll need one, plan: the procedure could take a few weeks or longer. Your dumpster rental provider should be familiar with the permit application process. Obtain permission in your area and may be able to provide extra advice or assistance.

What can be thrown out in a dumpster?

Non-hazardous, non-toxic chemicals that do not constitute a biohazard or pollute the environment can generally be disposed of in a dumpster. Before you fill out your rental, check with your company to make sure you understand the regulations. Look at the warning label on your dumpster (and the item, if relevant), or contact your local sanitation department if you’re unsure if something can go in the dumpster.



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