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The 15 Biggest Furniture Brands Companies

The 15 Biggest Furniture Brands Companies

Whether your mattress is squeaky as century-old floorboards, you need a new desk to start working from home, or you’re moving out on your own for the first time, you’ll eventually find yourself in the market for Biggest Furniture Brands Companies.

The furniture market is brimming with both new and established brands that your parents and grandparents may be familiar with, making it difficult to know where to begin furniture stores in usa.

Perhaps you’re thinking about buying furniture online, biggest furniture companies in the world as many others have, to avoid crowded showrooms and high delivery costs.

According to one study, revenue from online furniture Furniture Brands Companies sales has been steadily increasing since 2017 and is expected to rise further, indicating that online retailers are clearly doing something right.

Regardless of how you intend to purchase the furniture, we have compiled a list of the largest furniture retailers in the United States to serve as a starting point for your search furniture company name.

How We Sorted Them

Our ranking is based on estimated sales of furniture, bedding, and other types of accessories in 2019, as reported by statista.com. Here are the top 15 largest furniture retailers in the United States, based by estimated sales in USD:

  1. Ashley HomeStore (valued at $4.961 billion)
  2. IKEA ($3.310 billion)
  3. Williams-Sonoma ($3.260 billion)
  4. Mattress Firm (worth $3.139 billion)
  5. Rooms to Go ($2.560 billion)
  6. Restoration Hardware ($2.355 billion)
  7. Berkshire Hathaway ($2.069 billion)
  8. Sleep Number ($1.688 billion)
  9. Big Lots ($1.636 billion)
  10. Bob furniture ($1.6124 billion)
  11. Raymour Flanigan (worth $1.478 billion)
  12. La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries (1.3035 billion)
  13. Crate and Barrel ($1.0728 billion)
  14. Art Van ($1.043 billion)
  15. American Signature (973 million dollars)

Taking a closer look at this list, we can see furniture stores near me that the top five are dominated by long-standing companies.

Ashley HomeStore, founded in 1997, is the youngest, followed by Rooms to Go in 1990 and Mattress Firm in 1986.

IKEA and Williams-Sonoma, on the other hand, have their origins in the early twentieth century, with opening years in 1943 and 1956, respectively.

IKEA Furniture Brands Companies dominates the global furniture market, raking in 41.3 billion euros in 2019 from their 433 stores.

As a result, it’s no surprise that they’re near the top of our list.
The same can be said for Ashley HomeStores, which had over 800 stores open globally as of 2018.

Interestingly, Rooms to Go’s position as #5 on our list is somewhat surprising, given their smaller scope when compared to behemoths like IKEA and Ashley HomeStores.

The majority of Rooms to Go stores are in the southern United States.
Despite their regional status, they are making significant profits.
This could be because the store prefers to sell whole room sets rather than many individual pieces.

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A Closer Check

Let’s look at the history of the top ten on our list.

1. Ashley Furniture

The 15 Biggest Furniture Brands Companies

Ashley HomeStore Brandon, Florida, United States, Net Sales: $4.961 billion

Ashley HomeStores was founded in 1997 in Anchorage, Alaska, and now owns and operates over 800 stores worldwide.

Ronald G. Wanek, the company’s founder, Ashley Furniture Brands Companies is still in charge today, with his son, Todd Wanek, serving as CEO.

There are both corporate stores and independently owned stores that are licenced to sell Ashley Furniture.


The 15 Biggest Furniture Brands Companies

Net Sales for IKEA Delft, Netherlands: $3.310 billion

IKEA was founded in 1943 and is known for its large combination warehouse-showrooms and swedish design. It has since revolutionised the furniture industry.

Whereas home depot furniture was once expensive, heavy, and pre-assembled, IKEA was able to produce quality furniture without the labour costs of assembly by selling do-it-yourself kits.

The company is well-known for its simple, modernist designs, as well as its commitment to environmental stewardship. They simplified and made the cost of buying furniture.

3. Williams-Sonoma

The 15 Biggest Furniture Brands Companies

Net Sales: $3.260 billion in San Francisco, California, USA

Williams-Sonoma was founded in 1956 and currently has 625 physical stores. This company sells home depot kitchenware and furniture under the brand names Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma Home, Rejuvenation, and Mark and Graham.

In 2019, it was named a Fortune 500 company. They are one of the few large retailers with a female CEO, Laura Alber, who took over in 2010.

Williams-Sonoma has had a lot of success with e-commerce.
In the first quarter of 2015, e-commerce made for approximately 52 percent of its parent company’s revenue.

4. Mattress Firm

The 15 Biggest Furniture Brands Companies

Net Sales: $3.139 billion, Houston, Texas, United States

Mattress Firm was founded in 1986 and has expanded to over 3,600 locations since then.

Despite a month-long stint in Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2018, Mattress Firm remains one of our top five on this list, as they have since restructured, closing down unprofitable home depot stores.

Over the course of their existence, the company has made several acquisitions, including Mattress Pro in 2007, The Sleep Train, Inc. in 2014, and Sleep America in 2015.

As a result, they have grown to become one of the largest mattress chains in the United States.

5. Rooms to Go

The 15 Biggest Furniture Brands Companies

Net Sales for Rooms to Go Seffiner, Florida, United States: $2.560 billion

Rooms to Go is a furniture retailer based in the United States that was founded in 1990.

Despite the fact that they only serve the southern United States and Puerto Rico, they have more than 130 locations.

Their distinct offering of whole room sets enables buyers to obtain harmonious pieces at wholesale prices, saving them the time and trouble of visiting multiple furniture stores to find what they require.

Premade sets also allow the consumer to have tastefully decorated rooms without the need for interior design skills.

Rooms to Go was also the first major furniture chain retailer to open specialised stores for children’s furniture, known as Rooms to Go Kids.

6. The Restoration Hardware Company

The 15 Biggest Furniture Brands Companies

Net Sales: $2.355 billion in Corte Madera, California, USA

Restoration Hardware, Furniture Brands Companies founded in 1979, is a furniture retailer with ninety-four galleries and thirty-six outlet stores.

They are well-known for their high-end products and are the largest importer of Italian bedding in the United States.

They take pride in their style, working with designers and artisans to create their furniture lines. The company also provides design consultations, so you know the furniture you’re getting is tailored to your specific tastes.

Restoration Hardware officially changed its name to the simpler RH, moving the company away from hardware store imagery and giving them a definitively sleeker name, which also happened to be their NYSE symbol, because they are made to appeal to an up-scale market.

7. Berkshire Hathaway 

Berkshire Hathaway Omaha, Nebraska, United States Net Sales: $2.069 billion

Berkshire Hathaway is a holding company that owns GEICO, Dairy Queen, and significant stakes in Kraft Heinz, Coca-Cola, and American Express. Notably, largest furniture retailers Berkshire Hathaway owns not only Nebraska Furniture Mart, Jordan’s Furniture, Inc., and RC Willey Home Furnishings, but also CORT Businesses Services Corporation, the nation’s leading provider of rental furniture.

This makes them especially profitable because they have a monopoly on both the retail and rental markets for furniture.

8. Sleep Number

Net Sales: $1.688 billion, Sleep Number Minneapolis, MI, U.S.

Sleep Number is a bedroom furniture manufacturer that was founded in 1987.

The company specialises in adjustable beds that use air mattresses and allow the consumer to choose the firmness of the mattress at any time.
This allows couples to avoid compromising on a mattress and instead have a personalised side of the bed for each of them.

Sleep Number Furniture Brands Companies products are available in nearly 580 stores across the country as well as online.

Despite some legal issues with competitor Mattress Firm, Sleep Number remains on our list as one of the top-selling furniture brands due to its emphasis on customization.

9. Big Lots

Net Sales: $1.636 billion Big Lots Columbus, OH, U.S.

Consolidated Stores Corp, which was founded in 1967, is the company that gave birth to Big Lots.

Despite using the Furniture Brands Companies Big Lots name for many years, the company did not officially change its name until 2001.

This discount store sells toys, gifts, small electronics, food, and furniture.
Consolidated had 171 furniture departments within its Big Lots stores, as well as 26 stand-alone Big Lots Furniture stores, in 1998.

However, as part of a restructuring plan, Big Lots announced in 2005 that these stand-alone stores, as well as some 150 Big Lots stores, would be closing.

Despite this, they have remained one of the most important furniture retailers in the United States.

10. Bob Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture Manchester, Connecticut, United States Net Sales: $1.6124 billion

Bob’s Discount Furniture, founded in Connecticut in 1991, quickly grew into the American furniture market and now operates 126 stores across the country.

Bob Kaufman, the company’s founder, had no interest in furniture until a motorcycle accident forced him to use a water bed to recover.
Kaufman became involved in waterbed sales after realising the benefits.

Bob’s Discount Furniture biggest furniture companies in the world was born after years of expanding and diversifying their products.

Despite the early 1990s recession, Bob’s was able to stay in business, owing primarily to their use of advertising.

Since then, Bob’s has expanded their reach from New England to the rest of the United States, becoming one of the top earners on our best Furniture Brands Companies list.



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