Home Gadgets 15 Best Home Depot ceiling fans to keep your home cool

15 Best Home Depot ceiling fans to keep your home cool

15 Best Home Depot ceiling fans to keep your home cool

Ceiling fans are so much more than helpful home necessities—they can profoundly transform the ambiance of your living space by driving home a specific design motif through their blades and fixtures, illuminating the room with or an ambient glow or a WFH-friendly stable light source, or best cooling off the room. Hence, home depot ceiling fans with remote it’s a place you want to be.

Not to mention that, when compared to air conditioners, home depot fans are a much more environmentally friendly way to cool off in the summer.

Fortunately, Home Depot has a plethora of best ceiling fan options that are both affordable and fashionable.

Here are the best Home Depot ceiling fans to buy right now, including models from top brands like Hampton Bay and Hunter.

15 Best Home Depot ceiling fans in 2021

1. Hampton Bay Rothley II, a best home depot ceiling fans

15 Best Home Depot ceiling fans

The Rothley II ceiling fan has a quiet motor that increases airflow significantly.
The bright and sophisticated Rothley II demonstrates that a functional ceiling fan does not have to cost an arm and a leg. It is available in two reversible colorways for maximum versatility, pulls chain controls beneath the best LED-integrated lighting.

One reviewer writes, “OMG!

  • I adore this sophisticated fan.
  • It’s lovely, and it’s given my living room a new lease on life.
  • It’s exquisite and fashionable.
  • For the fan paddles, you can choose between a light natural brown and a dark brown.
  • They’re reversible, which is convenient.
  • The light in the center is large and bright.
  • “I’m overjoyed with this fan.”

The Rothley II 52-Inch Ceiling Fan is available from Home Depot for $71.49

2. A Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove indoor/outdoor ceiling fan

15 Best Home Depot ceiling fans

The Palm Cove ceiling fan will transform your indoor or outdoor living space into a tropical haven. See no further than the fan-favorite Palm Cove for hot summer days spent lounging on the patio.

It has five intricately embossed palm-shaped teak weatherproof blades suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it can be mounted in three different ways: flush, angled, or downrod. It comes with a home depot fan LED light that can be turned on or off.

  • “The porch looks home depot fans amazing and so elegant!” says one of its 1,200 reviewers who purchased two units.
  • The beauty and functionality of this fan far outweigh its price.
  • I’m delighted to be able to entertain my friends and family.
  • This purchase was at a low cost.”

Home Depot has the Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove 52-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan for $139.

3. This Home Decorators Collection modern and minimalist ceiling fan Windara

15 Best Home Depot ceiling fans

This little-space solution is ideal for cooling the bedrooms of children.

The Windara ceiling fan is an excellent choice if you want to home depot fan to increase airflow in your ideal living space while keeping your ceiling seeing clean and tidy.

A modern shield covers the famous fan’s three blades, and its dimmable LED light strips are said to last a lifetime, home depot fans making it suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

It’s a great addition to a small space or a child’s room due to its small size and blades covered in a decorative canopy.

“I purchased this for my granddaughters’ room because I was annoyed that with general best ceiling fan blades and them standing on a bunk bed, they might try to grab at the fan blade,” says one of the fan’s 1,100 hampton bay ceiling fan reviews.

  • I did a few searching and came across this little beauty.
  • The dimmer light is lovely, and the soft glow is soothing.
  • The fan is loud on high, but I like white noise, so I’m good with it.
  •  I buy a second one for my room.”

The Windara Ceiling Fan 22-Inch Indoor/Covered Outdoor is available at Home Depot for $199.

4. Home Decorators Collection Ashby, the highest-rated ceiling fan

15 Best Home Depot ceiling fans

The highest-rated ceiling fan at Home Depot creates ambiance while cooling your room.

As the ultimate mood-setting accessory for your living room, Home Depot’s highest-rated ceiling fan (it has a 4.7-star rating overall)

Features three levels of integrated dimmable LED lighting, ranging from little warm white to soft white and daylight, with light output options of 2,700K, 3,000K, or 5,000K.

5. Home Decorators Collection Mercer

This sleek and latest modern fan is suitable for larger rooms. A modern-yet-traditional ceiling fan

This sleek and stylish ceiling fan is one of the most modern-looking in the store—and with five stunning colorways ranging from distressed koa (a warm brown) to oil rubbed bronze, and transitional LED lighting, best ceiling fan home depot it’s no surprise.

The fan is suitable for big larger rooms up to 20 by 20 feet in size, and it can be mounted using a downrod or a slope, depending on the angle of your ceiling.

“This is a well-built, solid, nicely constructed best ceiling fan with all the necessary hardware and well-written instructions you need to install easily,” one satisfied customer says.

If you’re following an existing ceiling fan, this will go up in less than 30 minutes.

A reasonable price for a high-quality, well-made product.”

Home Depot has the Home Decorators Collection Mercer 52-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan for $149.

6. Clarkston Home Decorators Collection

This ceiling fan is ideal for small spaces. Because of its elegance and reasonable price, the Clarkston ceiling fan has a high rate of repurchase.

While this highly-rated ceiling fan efficiently moves air around your room in even the hottest climates, it also adds to the allure of your living space with its rustic finish that is reversible to reveal an alternate colour.

It installs flush against the ceiling, making it great for rooms with low ceilings or small spaces.

Many of Clarkston’s 1,500 reviewers mention why they’ve become repeat customers:

  • “This is our third fan of this type that we’ve purchased.
  • They are mighty and emit a lot of light.
  • These are replacing all of the fans in the house.
  • We’ve had two others for almost three years with no complaints!
  • “I adore this little fan!”

Home Depot has the Home Decorators Collection Clarkston II 44-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan for $57.97.

7. Hugger of the Home Decorators Collection

For a smooth, wiggle-free fan experience, fans for home the Hugger hugs your ceiling.

With over 8,000 reviews, Home Depot’s most popular ceiling fan will add a touch of elegance to your indoor living space.

Its five reversible blades are available in various versatile walnut and maple finishes, home decorators collection ceiling fans and its hardware keeps the traditional pull-chain design looking modern.

It effectively cools and illuminates larger rooms up to 14 by 14 feet in size and comes with a lifetime motor warranty.

  • “You cannot hide the quality of this fan for the price,” one reviewer says.
  • “I’ve had one installed for a few months and will be purchasing two more.”
  • It clings to the ceiling, which appears to add to its stability (no wiggle).
  • It is simple and modern, blending into the ceiling and complementing any decor, traditional or contemporary.

The best feature of a home depot fan is the whisper-quiet operation.

  • I’ve been running mine overnight for the past six months, home depot led lights and there has been no noise.
  • It cools the room quietly and efficiently.
  • “Everything is going well so far!”

Top rated ceiling fans 52-Inch, The Home Decorators Collection Hugger, is available at Home Depot for $49.97.

8. Merwry 

This famous ceiling fan features dimmable lighting and a powerful motor.

This sleek and minimalist ceiling fan boasts an integrated dimmable LED light kit promising 30,000 hours of light, a remote control, and a three-speed motor to elevate your home’s décor.

You can reverse the direction of the Merwry fan for either upward or downward air circulation.

It is available in three elegant matte shades.

The Home Decorators Collection Merwry is available at Home Depot for $121.00.

9. Kingsgrove

The home depot bedroom ceiling fans Kensgrove fan is so powerful that it eliminates the need for an air conditioner.

The Kensgrove ceiling fan, with its regal design, brings any room together, whether it’s your basement or your outdoor patio.

This best for the commercial fan (suitable for residential use) cools rooms more significant than the standard 20 by 20-foot surface area limit due to its eight-blade construction.

With the help of remote control, its quiet and energy-efficient motor operates at nine speeds.

Many of its 2,600 reviewers are ecstatic that this powerful device eliminated the need for A/C in hot weather:

“There’s no need to turn on the air conditioning in here with these!”

  • The installation is simple, the fans look great, and they move a lot of air!
  • The LED light is a significant improvement over the 2-bulb fan we previously had, and best of all, no chains are hanging down.
  • The remote is large, easy to use, and difficult to misplace.
  • Stop deliberating and buy this fan!
  • I’m going to get two more for the bedrooms!”

Home Depot has the Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove 72-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan for $299.

10. The Hunter Dempsey – Best Home Depot ceiling fans

Fits in with the design of any small room. This ceiling fan is for low ceilings. Low ceilings can be challenging to dress because they limit your room’s clearance, but this famous fan solves that problem.

The Hunter Dempsey fan is flush against the ceiling and features WhisperWind technology for whisper-quiet operation.

Many of its 1,600 reviewers gushed about how well it fits into their tiny space: “Love this fan!

  • It was purchased for my kitchen ceiling fans alcove and fitted perfectly.
  • It’s close to the ceiling, which is precisely what I wanted ceiling fan in kitchen.
  • The design complements my mid-century decor perfectly, and after replacing the bulbs that came with the fan, I have lots of clear, bright light in my kitchen.
  • The hand-held remote can be easily fixed on the wall, as I did.

The Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan 44-Inch Low Profile Indoor is available at Home Depot for $149.99.

11. The Hampton Bay Roanoke – Cottage-style ceiling fan 

Maintain the coolness of your indoor and outdoor living areas.

The small ceiling fans indoor/outdoor Roanoke fan stands out for its sweet and sentimental cottage-style aesthetic, with a near-perfect rating and over 2,600 reviews.

It mounts close to the ceiling, cools rooms, and squares up to 18 by 18 feet, comes with an amber Scavo glass dome-style light kit, and has a lifetime motor warranty.

“We purchased two of these lovely cottage-style low-profile ceiling fans with lights,” one of its 2,500 reviewers says.

What a difference a hugger can make.

The light is not intended to be bright enough to prevent bugs if installed outdoors, home depot outdoor ceiling fans but it does stop you from being blinded when you walk into a room and turn on the light.”

The Hampton Bay Roanoke 48-inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan costs $109 at Home Depot.

12. Hunter Antero is a sophisticated-yet-simple ceiling fan.

The Hunter Antero ceiling fan instantly transforms any room in your home.

Top off your living space with this highly-rated Antero fan, whose compact design adds a dash of elegance to small rooms for a quick, ceiling fans at home depot low-commitment way to update your home décor.

Available in grey oak or fresh white finishes, either fan option can visually open up the room, making it appear larger and brighter.

It includes a three-speed reversible motor, a pull chain, two downrod length options, and two 9.8-Watt LED light bulbs.

One of its 1,700 reviewers adores how the fan instantly improved the appearance of her kitchen while also improving the cooking process: “Love how this new fan goes with my newly decorated kitchen.”

  • It is very smooth and produces a lot of air.
  • I also love how small the blades are.
  • The light is very bright and best for cooking, and I love that it is an LED light, which means I won’t have to replace bulbs as frequently, if at all.”

Home Depot has the Hunter Antero 46-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan for $121 14.

13. A whisper-quiet ceiling fan Oakhurst Hunter – Best Home Depot ceiling fans


This whisper-quiet reversible ceiling fan blends in with changing trends and temperatures.

The Oakhurst is a near-silent fan that does not buzz distractingly, but its bold design commands attention in its own right.

It ceiling fans home depot comes with a light kit with swirled marbled glass, and its five blades are reversible in colour and direction, allowing the fan to adapt to changing trends and temperatures.

According to one of its 1,900 reviewers, this fan outperforms its competitors: “This fan is elementary to install.”

I like how I can click in the wires for the light instead of twisting three wires together and stuffing them into the small box.

We had previously bought a competitor’s fan for another room, and it was a pleasure to install this one.

  • It only took about an hour less.
  • It looked great and didn’t require any balancing.
  • The lights add so much more light to the room, and I like how they pull chains indicate which is for the light and which is for the fan.”

The Hunter Oakhurst Ceiling Fan 52-Inch Indoor Low Profile is $92.97 at home depot ceiling fans with remote.

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