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Cove Home Security: Complete Review 2022

Cove Home Security: Complete Review 2022

Cove Home Security brings all the essential features to provide you with effective home security systems. Features of Cove Home Security include 24/7 monitoring and support without the top-tier price tag.

They are also budget-friendly, and the monthly monitoring costs range from  $14.99 to $34.99. It is less than the industry average, and there are no contracts to bound you for the long term. There are also exclusive prices for military personnel, first responders/nurses, and teachers.

One of the best things about Cove Home Security is that no contracts are necessary for any monitoring service. You are not obligated to pay your fee if you are dissatisfied with your service or if you have any other reason to stop working with Cove. A company that places that much faith in its system and customer care is always worth checking out.


  • Low-cost home security
  • No contract term requirements
  • No need to buy equipment upfront with a flexible payment plan


  • There are a variety of warranty alternatives; A one-year manufacturer’s warranty only protects surveillance Equipment.

Cove Home Security

A Quick Look

According to Google, the best top Company and Trustpilot, Cove Home Security is the No. 1 Customer-Rated Home Security System. The Utah-based firm also boasts a high level of client satisfaction and an A+ BBB rating.

And According to the Cove Home Security website, they were founded to be “great, easy, entertaining, and inexpensive.” Cove’s goal is to take away the hassle of expensive, long-term contracts and give you a security system that works for you, with a highly-trained 24/7 monitoring team across the country, best-in-class equipment, fewer false alarms, and faster reaction and dispatch times.

Cove Home Security was voted the Best Home Security System, Best DIY Home Security System, and Best Wireless Home Security System by U.S. News & World Report in 2021.

The Small Print

One of the best things about Cove is that no contracts bind you to your service for an extended period. Regardless of the monitoring plan, you have the option to cancel your service at any moment.

They also provide a no-risk return policy: Cove will give you a full refund and cover shipping costs if you don’t like your equipment.

Instead of using a keypad, you can call the 24/7 monitoring team directly from the touch screen, which uses a cellular connection to speak with the monitoring agents, ensuring that a lack of wifi does not jeopardize your home security. And rest assured, even if the power goes out, a 24-hour backup battery will kick in to keep you connected.

Furthermore, suppose agents detect a potential home security breach. In that case, they will contact you through text message, followed by a call from the panel itself, and a last-resort phone call, providing multiple secure pathways to ensure you receive the news. Their website says that their system offers faster emergency dispatch and fewer false alarms, thanks to a TripleTouch Alarm Response that allows them to confirm your emergency more quickly—and get emergency responders on their way to aid in 30 seconds.

Pricing for Plans

Cove Home Security has two primary plans: Cove Basic (which costs 50 cents each day) and Cove Plus, the most popular (at 83 cents a day). Lifetime equipment warranty, camera integration, smartphone management, Alexa and Google Home voice control, $5 per month equipment incentive, and lifetime monitoring rate-lock guarantee are the primary improvements offered by the Cove Plus plan.

The following is a list of Cove Home Security packages:

  • Equipment PackageCost
  • Monthly Monitoring Price / $14.99 – $34.99
  • Touch Screen Control Panel $124.50
  • (currently on sale from / $249)
  • Wireless Door Sensors $7.50 each
  • (currently on sale from $15)
  • Wireless Motion Sensor $15 each
  • (currently on sale from / $30)
  • Yard Sign and Stickers / Free
  • HD Video Doorbell Kami / $99 each
  • Skybell $189 each
  • Outdoor Camera $99.50 each
  • (currently on sale from $199)
  • Smart Smoke/ CO Detector $27.50
  • Medical Button $10

Purchasing equipment upfront can be intimidating for those hoping to go with low-cost home security systems. Cove also offers a remedy for this. They require that you pay the first month’s monitoring fee plus an additional $10 per month for the ease of not having to make a large purchase upfront and that you keep their service for at least 36 months in exchange for up to $415 in equipment (at retail value). Cove Home Security offers heavily-reduced equipment with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, so it’s a risk-free trial even if you decide to purchase your equipment upfront.


Installing your Cove Home Security System is simple; it usually takes 30 minutes or less. (The average installation time, according to their website, is 27 minutes.) All you have to do to install your wifi Touch Screen Control Panel yourself is connect it in and follow the onscreen setup instruction.

If you like, you can also choose professional installation from the provider.

Upgrades and Add-ons

You can extend or upgrade your system at no additional expense with a $5 per month Cove Equipment Reward.

Storage of video

The Kami and Skybell doorbell cameras may record for up to seven days in the Cloud. The best Indoor and Outdoor Cameras with Smart Indoor and Outdoor Monitoring can store for up to seven days in the Cloud or on an S.D. card, with various storage levels depending on the on-card memory. The Cove App allows you to monitor anything in real-time or save it for later.

Smart Home Integration and Smartphone Controls

Smart home integration is available with the Cove Plus plan, including Alexa and Google Home.

How Does Cove Home Security Measure Up?

Here’s how Cove Home Security stacks up against some of the other big names in the industry:

 Customer Reviews Contract Required Lowest Monitoring Price

Cove Great No $14.99/month

Alder Okay Yes $39.99/month

Arlo Good No $0/month

Is Cove the Best Security Company for Your Home?

Cove Home Security is an excellent alternative to offer first-rate protection and meet your home security needs with a unique plan if you’re looking for a perfect flexible home security package that doesn’t bind you into a contract and offers competitively affordable costs for high-end service.

If smart home integration and smartphone control are crucial to you, be sure your device is compatible with the Cove Plus plan.


a brief explanation of the methods: The Forbes Home editorial team evaluated third-party data on hundreds of home security firms to come up with this list, with each company’s star rating determined by a range of measures, including:

  • Contracts/Costs (20 percent )
  • BBB/Trustpilot/Customer Affairs Customer Reviews and Reputation (20 percent )
  • Equipment and Options (20 percent )
  • Customer Service (15 percent )
  • Smart Home Integration/Features (10 percent )
  • App Evaluations (10 percent )
  • Garantie (5 percent )

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cove a good security system for your home?

Yes, Cove Home Security provides a reasonable monthly cost, a low beginning cost, top-of-the-line monitoring equipment, and professional, highly-trained agents monitoring your home security system 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assure a quick response time to any threats.

What is the monthly cost of Cove?

Cove has two plans: Cove Basic and Cove Plus, which cost 50 cents per day. This can cost anywhere from $14.99 to $34.99 each month.

What is the duration of the Cove Security Contract?

Cove does not have any contracts that bind you to a specific length of service. If you don’t want to buy the equipment right away, Cove will cover up to $415 in retail value for an additional $10 monthly charge and a 36-month coverage extension.

Final Words

Cove’s entry into the DIY home security industry excites us greatly. It’s a young firm, but it’s doing many things well, particularly when it comes to customer service.

And Cove is a good option if you want a personalized home security system that’s easy to install on your own and doesn’t bind you into a contract.



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