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Select Home Warranty: Complete Review In 2022

Select Home Warranty: Complete Review In 2022

Select Home Warranty is amongst the best home warranty services that provide everyday home items and systems. You can choose b/w a monthly or yearly subscription, and they will cover the item’s repair or alternate in the event of a loss in the future. We have already shared the best warranty services with you, and today we will review Select Home Warranty.

There are three plans available under Select Home Warranty, and each of them covers the following things

  • Household appliances
  • Home systems
  • The third one covers both

Select Home Warranty also presents discounts for new customers who can make a long-term commitment to a home warranty plan.


  • 90-day warranty on repairs
  • Free roof leak protection
  • Multiyear contract discounts


  • Customers are unable to select technicians.
  • Not available everywhere
  • BBB accreditation isn’t available.

Home Warranty Options In a Nutshell

select home warranty

Repair or replacement costs can be high, and they can quickly empty your savings account. A home warranty can help alleviate that burden in the future, but buyers must pay a monthly or yearly fee to remain active members. They gain access to qualified service technicians who will fix or replace items for little or no cost as part of their membership.

On the other hand, home warranties are not the same as homeowners insurance, so it’s crucial to know the difference. Home warranties cover household appliances and systems, whereas homeowners insurance covers objects damaged by a biological disaster such as an earthquake or a fierce hurricane.

Select Home Warranty is a well-known home warranty company that offers three different plans covering appliances, natural home systems, or both. Additional covering items such as pools and second refrigerators are also offered for an additional charge.

Plans typically cost between $44 and $50 a month, a reasonable price for a home warranty. It also provides attractive sign-up bonuses, which are beneficial to new consumers.

Plans available

Bronze Care, Gold Care, and Platinum Care are the three plans offered by Select Home Warranty. Gold Care covers key home systems like air conditioning and heating, while Bronze Care covers important household equipment like dishwashers and refrigerators. The Platinum Care plan gives you the best of both worlds because it covers the same goods and systems as the Bronze and Gold Care plans.

The Gold Care plan is suitable for homeowners that just require coverage for main systems and are not concerned about their appliances breaking down. This may be the most cost-effective solution for individuals who live in high conditions and need to guarantee that their heating and cooling systems can be repaired immediately in the case of a breakdown.

The Bronze Care plan is ideal for homeowners who cannot afford to be without their favorite home appliances for an extended period (if you keep a lot of fresh food in your fridge, this applies to you). However, the Platinum Care Plan is the most comprehensive, and we recommend it to any homeowners who want peace knowing that all of their home’s vital goods are covered.

Term Bronze Care Gold Care Platinum Care
Water Heater X X
Air Conditioning X X
Plumbing System X X
Electrical System X X
Heating System X X
Ductwork X X
Stove/Cooktop/Oven X X
Garbage Disposal X X
Dishwasher X X
Clothes Washer/Dryer X X
Built-in Microwave X X
Refrigerator X X
Garage Door Opener X
Plumbing Stoppage X
Ceiling Fans X

Other Advantages

Select Home Warranty also offers a variety of optional coverage add-ons, allowing clients to tailor their plans to their specific needs. Each will have a monthly price in addition to the base plan fee.

  • Sprinkler system
  • Well pump
  • Sump pump
  • Central vacuum
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing
  • Pool and spa equipment
  • Second refrigerator
  • Stand-alone freezer
  • Icemaker

The company also has special offers, such as a $100 to $200 discount on a new plan. It also offers various free covering choices during promotional events, such as free roof coverage. You may qualify for a big discount if you sign up for multi-year coverage. For additional information on discounts, contact a customer service representative.

The Small Print

Select Home Warranty is offered in most of the United States, but not all. Select is not accessible in the following states:

New York, Nevada, Washington, and Wisconsin

The Better Business Bureau does not recognize the company; however, it does have a B rating. Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with delayed customer service and claim denials, but others have praised the courteous and informed employees.

Consider that Select has a broad list of coverage exclusions when choosing a home warranty company. All systems and equipment must be in good functioning order with no prior issues. Solar or tankless water heaters, softeners, solar heating systems, geothermal heat pumps, badly installed ductwork, window air conditioners, and humidifiers are also not covered.

Select also charges a $60 to $75 service fee each time you request a technician to come to your home to inspect or repair an item.

Pricing for Plans

The cost will vary depending on the plan you select and the size of your home. Prices for plans covering home systems (Gold Care and Platinum Care) can skyrocket for much larger homes. The prices listed in this assessment are average; each home’s pricing will differ significantly. If you’re concerned, get in touch with them for a more detailed quote.

The Gold Care and Bronze Care subscriptions will charge the same amount each month—$44.42. The Platinum Care plan is far more extensive (basically a combination of the other two plans) and costs $49.83 per month, only $6 more than the other two plans.

Choosing yearly pricing over monthly pricing will save you money in the long run. This option also includes two months of free coverage. The Bronze Care and Gold Care plans are $479.99 per year, while the Platinum Care plan is $549.99 per year.

Payout Restrictions

Like all other home warranty companies, Select Home Warranty has payout restrictions for covered items. You must produce annual maintenance and cleaning records for all of your covered items to avoid stringent payout caps. Payouts for appliances and home systems are restricted to $150 if you cannot supply the company with three years of past maintenance records.

With proper maintenance records, the coverage cap for heating and cooling systems is $2,000. You’ll have to pay the difference if the repair or replacement costs more.

The payout cap for appliances, plumbing, and electrical is $500, while optional add-on coverage items like septic tanks normally have $400 repair and replacement caps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a deductible with Select Home Warranty?

The service cost charged by Select Home Warranty is known as the “deductible.” It’s a price charged to clients when they want a technician to come to their home, and it’s industry standard. The cost is $60 in Select’s case.

Is an inspection required under Select Home Warranty?

No, a home systems and appliances examination is not required to enroll in Select Home Warranty.

Is there a waiting period for Select Home Warranty?

To prevent homeowners from abusing their home warranty policies by obtaining coverage shortly after their home system or item fails, Select Home Warranty features a 30-day waiting period.

Final Thoughts: Is Select Home Warranty the Right Company for You?

Select Home Warranty is a wonderful service to consider if you’re searching for a yearlong (or multiyear) commitment with a home warranty company. Customers who commit to a long-term contract receive substantial discounts. The company offers a variety of comprehensive plans and add-on coverage items to ensure that they have the coverage they require.

Furthermore, the company’s service price is lower than that of many other home warranty providers, making it easier to determine whether or not to call a specialist.

Select Home Warranty is an excellent choice for homeowners concerned about future roof leaks because they give free roof coverage. However, Select isn’t available everywhere in the United States, so double-check before jumping the gun.



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