Home Gardens SimpliSafe Home Security Company Review In 2022

SimpliSafe Home Security Company Review In 2022

SimpliSafe Home Security Company Review In 2022

SimpliSafe is a pioneer home security service that offers easy security choices without any contract. They offer cheap monthly professional monitoring, and you don’t need to buy any equipment.

You can also get options from SimpliSafe, such as connecting your security system to your smartphone. It allows you to control your home security from anywhere. SimpliSafe is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home simplisafe customer service.

This company presents a perfect combination of the solid security, ease of use, and value.


  • No contracts exist.
  • Affordable
  • Options for personalization


  • Equipment must be bought in advance.
  • Compatibility with smart homes is limited.
  • There will be no expert installation.

At a Glance: SimpliSafe


SimpliSafe home security systems are simple, low-cost DIY security systems ideal for customers seeking basic home security.

The company offers two professional monitoring services for $14.99 per month and $24.99 per month and a $9.99 per month self-monitoring option. The monthly fee of $14.99 SimpliSafe’s most popular plan, featuring access to a mobile app, video recording, and other smart home integrations, is the Interactive plan simplisafe reviews.

The $14.99 per month Standard plan still includes 24/7 professional monitoring and environmental monitoring, but not much else. It’s a good choice for customers searching for a basic security system at a reasonable price simplisafe camera.

The company also sells a selection of security cameras and motion sensors that use adhesive strips, making installation simple and convenient for renters. Unfortunately, it does not provide professional installation. SimpliSafe, on the other hand, developed its components to be simple to install simplisafe login.

SimpliSafe does not require a contract, making it an excellent security provider for customers who want to be flexible. One of the causes it made our list of the best home security providers is this simplisafe outdoor camera.

The Small Print

SimpliSafe’s plans are billed monthly, with no contracts or hidden costs. All items and systems include a 60-day money-back guarantee and a three-year warranty.

Unfortunately, SimpliSafe equipment is incompatible with home automation standards such as Zigbee and Z-Wave. Customers must purchase all their equipment from SimpliSafe for a fully seamless security system because there is little interaction with third-party cameras, lighting, door locks, or video doorbells. Customers will have to utilize a separate app to control incompatible components otherwise simplisafe motion sensor.

Pricing for Plans

SimpliSafe has a standard plan for simple infiltration and natural disasters such as floods. They also have an Interactive plan, which is somewhat more expensive and includes basic intrusion and environmental protection and home automation, and video technology. Both of these options include professional monitoring around the clock.

Consider SimpliSafe’s self-monitoring option if you’re on a budget simplisafe monthly cost. This bundle includes security equipment but not video technology. It also does not provide professional monitoring. To compensate, it is less expensive than SimpliSafe’s other products.

Self-Monitoring Standard Monitoring Interactive Monitoring
Monthly Cost $9.99 $14.99 $24.99
24/7 Police Dispatch No Yes Yes
24/7 Fire and Medical Dispatch 2No A. Yes .Yes
Arm/Disarm Remotely Yes  A. Yes Yes
Timeline Event Log 2Yes Yes .Yes
Base Station Cellular Backup No Yes Yes
Unlimited Camera Recordings 1Yes No .Yes
Video Verification No No Yes
Smart Home Integration (Google, Alexa) Yes No .Yes

Upgrades and add-ons

Additional home security components can be purchased individually to build your own package or customize one of SimpliSafe’s standard packages. You can add up to 100 sensors to your system, so you can buy more to put about your house for added security.

Environmental sensors, freeze sensors, and water sensors can also be added to detect and inform you of an environmental emergency such as frozen pipes or leaks.

Storage of video

SimpliSafe allows you to receive motion-triggered notifications for free or pay for cloud storage to save images or video recordings.

You’ll get 30 days of video history for all enrolled cameras with a camera recording subscription. These clips can then be downloaded from your SimpliSafe mobile app or computer. Video verification can be enabled on subscribed cameras to improve their system’s alarms.

Some recordings will be generated automatically when a big event occurs, such as when your SimpliSafe alarm is triggered. Camera recording subscriptions are included in SimpliSafe’s Interactive Monitoring plan, but they can also be purchased separately. A one-camera subscription costs $4.99 or $9.99 for up to ten cameras simplisafe door lock.


A setup guide from SimpliSafe will lead you through the operation of your new security system. Read this guide to learn more about the system’s components and how they interact.

SimpliSafe’s technology is relatively straightforward to install without the help of a professional, so even non-tech-savvy clients may do it themselves with little difficulty. If you’re not comfortable with technology, you may always hire a handyman to handle the work for you.

The tutorial will show you how to set up your main devices, such as the base station and keypad. After that, you’ll set up other devices like sensors and start monitoring simplisafe doorbell camera. SimpliSafe’s customer service hotline is available from 8:00 a.m. to midnight every day.

Smart Home Integration and Smartphone Controls

SimpliSafe’s Interactive plan includes a mobile app with smartphone controls, but its basic plan does not. Smartphone controls, video assistance, and home automation are all included in the Interactive plan.

Also, SimpliSafe does not work with every smart home system, but it works with some smart home devices. SimpliSafe does not work with the Apple Home Kit, but it does work with Alexa from Amazon, Google Home, and August Locks. You can arm or disarm your alarm (among other things) from any room in your house if you have one of these smart gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SimpliSafe comparable to ADT?

ADT and SimpliSafe are excellent home security providers, but their offerings are slightly different. While SimpliSafe recommends DIY installation, ADT plans include expert installation. Simplisafe is more cost-effective and portable than ADT, which is more traditional and slightly more expensive. Both companies have advantages and disadvantages simplisafe smart lock.

Is SimpliSafe capable of automatically contacting the authorities?

If the alarm is triggered, SimpliSafe will not instantly call the police. Instead, the SimpliSafe monitoring team will contact the homeowner if the alarm is not deactivated within the 30-second entry delay simplisafe home security system.

Is it possible to monitor SimpliSafe from your smartphone?

If you purchase SimpliSafe’s Interactive plan, you will have access to the company’s mobile app. You can then use the SimpliSafe app to remotely control your home security system, receive warnings, and watch live videos simplisafe com.

Is SimpliSafe compatible with my camera?

SimpliSafe does not allow you to utilize your camera. And SimpliSafe produces its cameras incompatible with other equipment, so the system can only be used with SimpliSafe products.

Conclusion: Is SimpliSafe the Best Home Security System for You?

Simplisafe is a reputable home security provider with simple DIY installation and reasonably priced equipment. However, you may be able to locate less expensive equipment elsewhere, so shop around before deciding ring vs simplisafe.

And SimpliSafe does not demand long-term contracts, making it a good option for individuals seeking flexibility. Its plans are also highly adaptable thanks to a large range of add-ons, including cameras simplisafe vs ring.

SimpliSafe provides basic smart home functions but is not enough to satisfy sophisticated smart home users. If you want to fully integrate it with your smart home technology, look into different home security choices simplisafe security system.



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