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ServicePlus: A Complete Review In 2022

ServicePlus: A Complete Review In 2022

ServicePlus might be the new name in the home warranty space, but it has already been placed as the top service. It came in 2016, and since then, it has never looked back; they are currently working in all US states except for California, Iowa, Washington, New York, and Nevada. Total Home Protection has now treated its clients as ServicePlus since May 2021.

This new name is the strategy of the company’s rebranding to serve the best home warranty service. ServicePlus Home Warranty provides the best quality service that Total Home Protection gave and pledges to improve its benefit with time.


  • ServicePlus (previously Total Home Protection) is now serving homes and offers a broad selection of optional add-ons for more personalized coverage.
  • Participates in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program


  • Online quotes are accessible for free.
  • 24/7 claim hotline and online client portal with an extensive network of prescreened technicians


  • There is no nationwide coverage.
  • And there haven’t been many years in business.
  • The per-claim coverage caps are shallow.

At a Glance: ServicePlus (Formerly Total Home Protection)

serviceplus home warranty

Homeowners can pick between two complete options to meet their specific demands. Add-ons include limited roof leak coverage, a second refrigerator, and pool/spa coverage. Gold and Platinum are the two plans offered by ServicePlus. Both cover main systems as well as little gadgets. The refrigerator, clothes washer, dryer, and air conditioning systems are not included in the standard package.

Plans available

There are two house warranty options available from ServicePlus (Total Home Protection). The Gold plan covers 15 systems and appliances, while the Platinum plan covers 20 systems and appliances.

Gold Plan: It costs $419 per year and covers all major household systems, except certain appliances such as the refrigerator and clothes washer and dryer.

Platinum Plan: Their most complete plan costs $499 a year and includes coverage for the A/C system, heating system, refrigerator, and clothes washer and dryer in addition to the Gold Plan’s coverage.

Both plans only cover one unit, system, or appliance unless you pay a monthly charge to get additional coverage. Requesting a quote online is the most accessible approach to acquiring an accurate cost estimate because rates vary by area.

  • Items CoveredGold PlanPlatinum Plan
  • Air conditioning (2 units) X
  • Heating System (2 units) X
  • Refrigerator X
  • Clothes Washer X
  • Clothes Dryer X
  • Plumbing System X X
  • Plumbing Stoppage X X
  • Water Heater X X
  • Whirlpool Bathtub X X
  • Electrical System X X
  • Oven/Range/Stove X X
  • Cooktop X X
  • Sump Pump X X
  • Built-in Microwave X X
  • Dishwasher X X
  • Garbage Disposal X X
  • Trash Compactor X X
  • Ductwork X X
  • Garage Door Opener X X
  • Ceiling and Exhaust Fans X X

Other Advantages

serviceplus home warranty

Additional optional coverage is offered for a fixed monthly charge per item in addition to the normal home systems and appliances covered by the two plans.

Add-On Price (per month)
Pool/Spa $12.50
Additional Spa $12.50
Limited Roof Leak $4.17
Central Vacuum $2.08
Sump Pump $2.08
Well Pump $6.25
Septic System $8.33
Septic Pumping $5.00
Second Refrigerator $2.92
Stand Alone Freezer $2.92
Water Softener $2.92
Refrigerator Ice Maker $2.92
Free Standing Ice Maker $4.17
Additional A/C System $6.25
Additional Heating System $6.25
Additional Water Heater $6.25
Additional Garage Door Opener $4.17
Additional Oven/Range/Stove $5.00

The Small Print

ServicePlus, like other home warranty organizations, does not cover repairs or replacements for items that have failed due to pre-existing problems. Most home warranty providers charge a premium amount for properties larger than 5,000 square feet, which is standard. Like other companies, coverage will begin 30 days after your application is accepted.

In most circumstances, ServicePlus does not allow homeowners to select their repair workers and will not reimburse for works performed without prior consent. If your service agreement doesn’t cover a fault, they may seek a second evaluation at their expense.

It’s critical to double-check your chosen plan’s terms, conditions, exclusions, and restrictions in your service agreement and policy.

Pricing for Plans

ServicePlus’ plans are attractively priced compared to those given by its competitors. The Gold Plan costs roughly $37 per month or $419 annually. Their most comprehensive alternative, Platinum Plan, starts at $43 per month or $516 per year for not much more.

In addition, ServicePlus charges a fixed price of $75 for every service call. Customers can submit claims by phone or online using the company’s customer portal. Under normal circumstances, an approved service contractor will be contacted within 48 hours during regular business hours and four days on weekends or holidays after receiving a service request. Expedited scheduling is possible for an extra cost if a service contract is signed.

Payout Restrictions

ServicePlus, like other home warranty providers, has coverage limits on some products. If the entire cost of a repair or replacement exceeds these limits, the policyholder is responsible for the balance.

They also have coverage restrictions on some things, such as:

Replacements or repairs to air conditioning filters, condenser casings, water towers, and humidifiers are not covered.

The heating system does not include chimneys, pilot cleaning and relighting, and heat exchanger maintenance.

Refrigerator cabins, shelves, glass, and ice makers are not under unless you purchase an ice machine add-on.

Other ServicePlus payouts and coverage limitations per contract term include:

  • $500 for plumbing and electrical systems
  • 500 Dollars for a water heater
  • $500 whirlpool bathtub, spa/pool
  • $400 for ceiling fan and exhaust fan
  • Pumping a septic tank costs $200.
  • Ice maker for refrigerator: $200

To access, diagnose, repair, or replacement of all covered equipment under your chosen plan, ServicePlus has a per contract cap of $1,500. There are also coverage limits per item in some places.

Is ServicePlus Your Best Home Warranty Option?

ServicePlus Home Warranty provides various coverage options through customized add-ons, allowing homeowners to customize their policy to meet their specific needs. With below-average service call prices and monthly costs in line with the industry average, it’s one of the best home warranty providers to consider. ServicePlus may be the firm for you if you like to manage your account and file claims online through a simple filing process.


A brief explanation of the methods: Our editorial team evaluated data from dozens of organizations to come up with this ranking, which was calculated by examining a variety of variables, including:

  • Pricing (20 percent )
  • Customer satisfaction (20 percent )
  • Time to respond (15 percent )
  • What is covered by insurance? (15 percent )
  • National accessibility (15 percent )
  • Discounts are available (10 percent )
  • Choose your technician (5 percent )

Questions Frequently Asked (FAQs)

Are our home security plans worthwhile?

Yes, in most circumstances. A home protection plan can help cover some of the costs of repairing or replacing a major appliance or system in your house. This is especially critical because near or past life expectancy components are more prone to fail.

How can I submit a ServicePlus claim?

It’s simple to file a claim with ServicePlus. Customers can call the claims department or use the customer portal to file a claim online.

How can I cancel my ServicePlus Warranty?

You can terminate your agreement within the first 30 days of the date the policy was purchased and approved to obtain a full refund of the paid contract fees. If you terminate after 30 days, you will be given a prorated refund for the remaining contract period, less a $75 administrative fee for each new term. In case of a range/stove cancellation, any free month earned through the promotion will be deducted from the prorated refund amount. The cancellation of a policy must be made in writing.





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