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Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens To Buy Right Now

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens To Buy Right Now

Best Outdoor pizza ovens will be popular in 2022. These are hot, and some can even reach temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. We often see people shooting out dough on the best outdoor pizza ovens. The best outdoor pizza ovens in this article are compact, moderately portable, easy to set up and use, and mighty in usage. You can make pizza in minutes using these best outdoor pizza ovens. The best thing about these pizza makers is they are affordable.

Want to know more about the best outdoor pizza ovens? Let’s get into our article and read it till the end.

Which are the best pizza ovens?

After carefully researching pizza-making, testing half a dozen ovens over a few weeks, and firing over 40 pies, we think the Ooni Koda 16 is the best outdoor pizza oven for most people. Its enormous cooking area made rotating pies a breeze, and the L-shaped burners at the back of the oven meant every pie was cooked through and properly scorched in minutes.

We recommend the Ooni Fyra 12 for a more affordable and portable option. It weighs around 22 pounds, making it one of the list’s lightest and cheapest pizza ovens. The Fyra uses wood pellets instead of propane, making it harder to regulate yet just as hot.

New models include: The Gozney Dome, priced at $1,499, runs on wood or propane, holds 16-inch pies, and features a steam injector for bread baking. The Pi Pizza Oven ($599) from Solo Stove is now available for presale and will be delivered in May.

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Now that you’re ready, these are the best outdoor pizza ovens available today.

1. Ooni Koda 16

Outdoor Pizza Ovens Ooni Koda 16

Ooni’s outdoor pizza ovens have seen a surge in popularity, with some powered by gas and others by gas and wood. The Koda 16 is the larger of the two propane-powered Koda models — with a 16-inch cooking area compared to the Koda 12’s 12-inch cooking area — and for its ease of setup, relatively lightweight construction, no-fuss functionality, large cooking area, and powerful L-shaped flame, we felt it was the most versatile, family-friendly model for cooks interested in experimenting with different pie sizes and baking other non-pizza items.

Due to the L-shaped heat source, pizzas cooked towards the back left corner of the oven finished nicely charred and bubbly in just a few minutes. And, unlike other ovens that use a single flame or radiant heat, you only need to turn the pie once or twice to have an evenly cooked crust.

2. Gozney Roccbox

Outdoor Pizza Ovens Gozney Roccbox

Gozney is well-known for its professional-grade pizza ovens, and the Roccbox brings that expertise to home cooks. Its sleek, sophisticated, almost space-age style and two exterior color options (slate grey or olive green) make it the design enthusiast’s first pick. Due to the Roccobx’s compact size, it’s an excellent alternative for individuals with a tiny outdoor patio and limited storage space — and, because it looks hip, it’s also an excellent option for impressing guests at pizza parties.

By positioning the gas source in the back of the dome-shaped oven, pizzas obtain a lovely char on both sides and cook in minutes. Additionally, we loved the dome’s height, which allowed us to look inside without bending, and the compact, nicely curved stainless steel peel made sliding pies into and out of the oven quite straightforward.

3. Ooni Fyra 12

Outdoor Pizza Ovens Ooni Fyra 12

If you’d prefer to avoid propane altogether, the Ooni Fyra is the best pizza oven to purchase. It is powered by wood pellets — the same as those found in Traeger Ironwood 650 grills — but can achieve temperatures of up to 950 degrees (we measured more than 1,000 degrees on occasion). Additionally, its compact size and 22-pound weight make it convenient to pack and transport practically anyplace Outdoor Pizza Ovens.

A feed tube located in the oven’s back allows you to add pellets to keep the fire running. Although temperature management is slightly more difficult than with propane-powered ovens — you must adjust the flue damper little amounts to achieve the desired temperature — the Fyra produced leopard Neapolitan-style pizzas attractively in about 90 seconds.

4. BakerStone Portable Gas Series Pizza Oven Box

Outdoor Pizza Ovens BakerStone Portable Gas Series Pizza Oven Box

The BakerStone Pizza Oven Box has a dual purpose: Initially designed as a grill box, you can actually detach the top piece from the bottom “firebox” and cook your pizza on a grill. Compared to the open-flame Ooni Koda and Gozney Roccbox, the oven’s interior, which is constructed of five sides of pizza stones, performed unexpectedly well. Because the five stones retain and radiate a significant amount of heat, the pizzas we prepared had a nice level of char and were cooked evenly Outdoor Pizza Ovens.

Additionally, we appreciated that there are two gas burners within the firebox, each with its knob, allowing you to truly play with the heat distribution on each side of the oven. Gaze into a hole on either side of the firebox, and you’ll see the flames flashing away, indicating the amount of heat they’re producing. Additionally, an easy-to-read thermometer affixed to the top of the pizza box allows you to monitor your temperature levels while cooking.

5. Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

If you adore your countertop toaster oven and/or air fryer. The Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven may be the perfect fit. It has the look and feel of a more conventional countertop appliance but with the ability to reach high temperatures. We did have some difficulty keeping the oven hot since the huge front opening. And domed interior allowed for a lot of air to enter, and the oven’s included door did not trap enough heat inside.

However, this is a solid, well-designed oven that is simple to operate and clean. It’s also been acclaimed for its capacity to cook items other than pizza. So more seasoned cooks may wish to experiment with it for roasts, bread, and other dishes Outdoor Pizza Ovens.

6. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

Bertello was an instant success following his appearance on Shark Tank in 2020. And has since benefited from the expanding market for outdoor ovens. The company also makes an oven with charcoal and wood insert, an excellent alternative for individuals who want smoky flavors. Additionally, it is the lightest oven we tested, making it an excellent choice for camping trips and similar excursions.

However, using charcoal instead of gas is a less precise science and makes sustaining a high temperature more challenging. Unlike gas ovens, it has a more traditional feel, so if you’re willing to try it. This may be the oven for you. Experiment with different types of wood to impart distinct flavors to your pies. And be prepared to constantly replenish the charcoal chamber while you cook many pies. (Note: Bertello also sells a separate gas burner.)


These best outdoor pizza ovens will prepare your pizza without much effort and hard work. You can rely on these pizza-making machines but choose to depend on your budget. Time for us to take a break. Goodbye!




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