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9 Best Moving Companies Of 2022

9 Best Moving Companies Of 2022

Moving is a part of our lives these days, and people tend to move to different places for various reasons. However, you would enjoy moving if you knew about the best moving companies that fulfill your requirements. You might be moving locally or to a distant place; international, corporate, and other services require different types of moving companies.

These moving companies claim to meet users’ demand, but many are below par. After you decide to move, the first thing is to go for the best moving company that helps you. There are several best moving companies, and we will talk about them in detail moving companies near me. Choose the moving company depending on your budget and other requirements; let’s check out.

Best Moving Companies Of 2022

Don’t worry about moving, these moving companies allow you to move with all your belongings. Let’s explore the list and other details local moving companies.

1. International Van Lines

International Van Lines

International Van Lines is ranked #1 in our Best Moving Companies of 2022 list. And International Van Lines specializes in international moves and offers local and long-distance moves. International Van Lines delivers exceptional customer service, including two managers for each long-distance transfer long distance moving companies.

2. United Van Lines

United Van Lines

United Van Lines is ranked #2 in the list of the Best Moving Companies of 2022. It’s existed since the 1920s and is a household name in moving. United Van Lines is a full-service moving business specializing in corporate relocation and tailors its services moving companies san diego to each client. The mover also works with the US military to relocate military people.

3. Colonial Van Lines

Colonial Van Lines

Colonial Van Lines is ranked third with over 200 agents around the US. It helps individuals and businesses relocate. Colonial Van Lines’ MoveHub blog offers moving advice and information about each company’s states. The app may help with inventorying and tracking objects in transportation and estimate moving costs when you upload photographs and videos of your belongings cross country moving companies.

4. North American Moving Services

North American Moving Services

North American Moving Services offers over 500 agents countrywide and can help with local, long-distance, and international moves. Its expertise can assist corporations in shifting employees or entire offices cheap moving companies.

5. U-Pack


Tied for fourth, U-DIY Pack’s approach differs from our full-service companies. U-Pack delivers a truck or a smaller container (depending on the number of items to move) to your home. Then you either pack and load your possessions or engage a third party to do so. Then U-Pack takes the products to the final destination, where you unload and unpack everything interstate moving companies.



(PODS) claims to have pioneered portable storage in 1998. Unlike U-Haul customers, pounds customers do not move their belongings, who often rent a truck and undertake all the effort (including driving). Instead, they rent a storage container, pack and load it themselves, then engage PODS to carry it local moving companies near me.

7. U-Haul


Pack, load, move and unload your possessions to save money. It’s our 6th cheapest firm for both local and long-distance removals. The brand is known for its smooth-riding, easy-to-drive vehicles, and you may customize your insurance coverage. The Collegeboxes program allows students to pack up and store items from their college dorm or apartment for a limited time, such as the summer.

8. American Van Lines

American Van Lines

American Van Lines rounds out the top three. Its costs aren’t the cheapest on our list, but it offers flat-rate pricing and binding estimations. Thus, clients can relax if the transfer takes longer or is more difficult than predicted. They are also certified to move big or delicate things like pianos and antiques, which require special care to avoid damage.

9. Mayflower


Mayflower, ranked 9th, has been in operation for almost 90 years and offers residential and commercial moving services. It provides moving services locally, nationally, and internationally and storage solutions. It also serves military personnel.

How to Choose the Best Moving Company

Choosing the right moving company can make or break your moving experience. When conducting research, consider the following:

  • Budget: How much can you spend on your move? (Consider allowing for unexpected delays.)
  • Let us know if you need to transport anything specific, heavy, or fragile. Look for movers who specialize in the services you require.
  • Timeline: Some movers can complete the task half as fast as others. You may have more possibilities if you have time to spare while traveling.
  • Mover type: You may need a specific mover depending on your destination. Some businesses only make local or long-distance moves, while others do both.

Moving Company Types

Before hiring a moving firm, determine the type of movers you require. Whether you’re relocating yourself or for your job, learning the difference between residential and commercial movers is the first step. Companies can then offer the following services:

  • Local: A move of fewer than 50 miles is considered local. These limits may vary depending on your state and moving company policies. Confirm that your move is within the company’s mileage.
  • Long-distance: A move requires travel of more than 50 miles (or the corporate policy). A long-distance move is not always an interstate move (below).
  • Interstate: Any travel that requires crossing state lines.
  • Global: Any move requiring travel outside the US (yes, this includes Canada) is considered global. Check if your selected moving company offers foreign services. Some may even help with housing and immigration paperwork.
  • Moving containers: Moving container providers provide various-sized containers and pods that homeowners must pack.
  • Specialty movers: Some movers specialize in moving pianos, rare paintings, and even wine collections.
  • Auto movers: Some businesses charge extra to relocate a car long-distance or internationally.

Preparing for a Move

Among the proactive strategies to prepare for your move are:

It’s the perfect moment to declutter. Sort through your stuff and donate or discard what you no longer need. This saves time and space for the moving vehicle.

  • Packing Materials: Buying moving boxes and packing goods in advance is critical. Be sure to stock up on moving boxes. The last thing you want to do on packing day is to hurry out and get more. That will add tension and time.
  • Day-of Essentials Bag: Packing day will be stressful, so prepare your basics bag first. Only pack goods you’ll need during the relocation and immediately afterward. o Important documents
  • Medications
  • Batteries o Toiletries
  • Have a Moving Checklist Handy: In the days leading up to your move, a moving checklist will help you stay organized. Prepare your utilities and internet connectivity, complete a tour before entering and leaving your new home, and make sure you know where all the important functions are in your new home.


The Forbes Advisor editorial team ranked the best moving businesses based on data from 50 organizations, assessing metrics like as:

  • Customer satisfaction (customer ratings vs. complaints) (20%)
  • Served states (15 percent )
  • Packing service (10 percent )
  • Protection & insurance (10 percent )
  • Cross-country re (10 percent )
  • Optional receptacle (10 percent )
  • Shipment tracking (5 percent )
  • Anonymity (5 percent )
  • Ship car options (5 percent )
  • Boxes/moving supplies (5 percent )
  • Moving abroad (5 percent )

Best Moving Companies: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How much does a professional mover cost?

This depends on the size of your home or business, where you’re moving, and if you want to utilize a typical moving company or a moving container/pod. A local move costs between $300 and $1,500, or about $1,200.

Transporting your belongings across state lines might cost anything from $2,500 to $5,000. Long-distance movers cost more than local moves, while some interstate moves cost extra simply because they cross state lines. Get a free quote from each business you’re considering to better understand the average move cost.

How much does moving furniture cost?

Local moves allow you to maintain your existing furniture. Moving companies sometimes charge by the distance, so the shorter your move, the less it will cost.

With that in mind, you can compare the cost of moving your furniture to the cost of selling it.

No moving what?

While most moving firms will handle basic furniture, some may specialize in moving pianos, wine collections, and pricey paintings; there are some items you should consider discarding before hiring a moving company.

Nobody would move the following items on their dangerous or do-not-move list:

  • Bug-killing chemicals
  • Payne & aerosol
  • Pool chemicals or propane tanks
  • flammable or explosive
  • Batteries & acid
  • Charcoal

Also, never transport priceless personal objects like jewelry or family heirlooms. While some moving firms may offer to transfer these goods for you, it is recommended to move them yourself.

How much to tip movers

How much to tip depends on how many people are helping you move (loading and unloading) and how long it will take.

A reasonable rule of thumb is to tip $4-$5 every hour worked. A half-day move (four hours or less) would be reasonable at $20 per person, whereas a full-day transfer would be closer to $40 per person.

If your movers were exceptional, always tip extra than this (for good karma, if nothing else).

When should you book movers?

Most relocations can be scheduled two months, or eight weeks, in advance. Quality movers are rarely available on short notice, so it’s important to book early.

Where can I obtain moving boxes?

Call around to see if you can get free or discounted moving boxes. Find extras by asking around, checking local classifieds, calling merchants and food stores, and recycling facilities. If you can’t locate any for free, you can buy them at any moving or packing supply store.



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